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Living Word Ministry Church offers many opportunities for members to commit and develop a closer and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the best ways to Exalt Him and enhance your membership is by serving in His Church. Therefore, we are seeking genuine individuals who will commit their time to serve HIM. Our ministries are divided into the following categories: Administration, Discipleship, Worship, Adult/Children/Youth, and Membership Services. 


Some of the gifts most commonly used in worship ministry include exhortation, giving, service, teaching, communion, giving, music, prayer, reading of Scripture and testimony.


People who enjoy teaching often think they must have the gift of teaching but they might be gifted with exhortation. Knowledge and wisdom could also be useful in this kind of ministry. The teaching ministry includes: Bible study group, discipleship (esp. small group), helper, new-converts or new-members class teacher and training.


Someone with the gift of leadership, faith or apostle are most likely to pursue this type of ministry. These tasks could also benefit from discernment. The visionary ministry includes: church planter, consultant, elder, leaders in all other ministries, overseer, pastor, research, special projects, steering committee for new ministry initiatives and strategic planning.


Mercy and giving are the most obvious gifts to use in a benevolence type of ministry, certain ministries within it might also use the gifts of exhortation, hospitality or service. You might serve God in a caring ministry by providing: cards/flowers for special occasions, counseling, emergency child-care, emergency shelter, food & clothing distribution, financial assistance, greeting, providing meals, sick/shut-in, special needs, support-group, telephone contacting, transportation to services/doctors/store and visitation.


The gift of administration is most helpful for coordinating one of the following ministries. People with the leadership gift could help take these ministries to the next level but unless accompanied by the gift of administration or a personality bent toward administrative efficiency, they might struggle with doing what it takes to maintain or sustain these ministries. The christian education ministry includes: Teaching, wisdom, and/or knowledge, age-level coordinator, camp director, children's director, children's church coordinator, children's club coordinator, director of Christian education, special education coordinator, Sunday School superintendent, VBS director and youth director.


Helps and service are the most commonly used spiritual gifts in these ministry tasks: bulletin, church directory, computer, copying, record-keeping (financial, attendance), letter writing, telephoning and typing.


People with the gifts of helps and/or service might find themselves involved in these ways: audiovisual aids, drama, film/video making, graphic arts, illustrating, letter writing, music, newsletter, photography, publicity, radio-TV directing, sound system and telephoning.


While exhortation tends to be the most prominently used gift to counsel, the gifts of wisdom and healing might also be used. (People might need emotional healing, not just physical.) This type of ministry includes: care-group, crises, discipleship, family, financial, group, individual, pastoral, peer and telephone intervention.


The spiritual gift of discernment would be the main gift used in this kind of ministry. The ministry of discernment includes: assessment, consultation, doctrinal purity, evaluation, prayer-seeking and research.


In addition to those with the hospitality gift, people with the gift of service could find themselves doing related tasks.

entertaining, greeters, host a brunch, coffee or tea, lodging, meals, open house, parties of various purposes, reception desk, singles' gatherings, visitation and youth fellowships.


People gifted as evangelists and missionaries would be involved in outreach, but so might someone with the gift of apostle or prophecy. The ministry of outreach includes: baptisms, church planting, door-to-door, evangelistic events, group witness, inner-city, invitation counselor, missionary, one-on-one witness, park ministry, street evangelism, support missionaries (visit, letters, contacts), tract distribution, visitation, visitor follow-up(letters, phone calls, visits) and web evangelism.


The primary gifts used in prayer ministry would be discernment, faith, healing, and miracles. While some might list intercessory prayer as a spiritual gift, the Bible does not include it in its gifts lists. The ministry of an intercessor includes: lead in prayer, prayer base, spiritual warfare, telephone and outreach.


People with the gifts of helps and service are the most likely to be involved in these kinds of ministry tasks: building maintenance, cleaning, clean-up, cooking, deacon/-ness, decorating, landscaping, library, repair work, sewing, social planning, transportation and usher.



While pastor is the prime gifting for this ministry area, exhortation can also find expression through these types of ministries:

care-group, director of any target group (i.e. men/women, singles, youth, etc.), discipleship, elder, home fellowship leader, mentoring, overseer of staff and pastoring.


Gifting primarily used in speaking include exhortation, prophecy, teaching, announcements, invitations, lead in prayer, reading Scripture, sermon, sermonettes/short exhortations and teaching.


Administration is needed for effective staffing but discernment, exhortation and wisdom would also benefit the accomplishment of some of these tasks: gift assessment, interviewing, needs assessment, placement, recruitment and training.


People with the spiritual gift of helps often find themselves in a staff-support role. A variety of other gifts might also be used in this type of ministry, depending on the task, including administration, discernment, exhortation, knowledge, pastor, service, wisdom,

assistant, child-care, clerical, consultant, counselor, deacon/-ness, encourager, implementer, office worker, organizing, maintenance of resources, supplies, prayer and researcher.

We want you to feel connected at Living Word Ministry Church! That happens as you get to know the people and the staff at the church but, beyond that, it happens as you find your place to serve the Lord and make a difference in the lives of others. We have many ministries in the church that exist to serve those who attend our church, but they also provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others. Please contact the church at 662-548-5411 if you would like additional information about any of these ministries.  

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